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Cool Demo by MUV Interactive “Bird” Controller

Demo by MUV Interactive “Bird” Controller for Sprout by HP

MyRoom – Real Time Collaboration App for Sprout

HP MyRoom is HP’s enterprise collaboration application. HP’s Immersive Computing Division worked with MyRoom team to create a collaboration application for Sprout users. The goal was to allow Sprout users to share, edit and collaborate projects easily.

With the usability & ergonomics specialist, we did some usability tests using the existing software and learned that there were too many buttons, too many windows and too many everything! I also looked at competitive products like Google Hangout, Go to Meeting, Skype, Lync and etc to understand the common basic features each product has so that our collaboration tool meets the standards of the market. I had different versions of the UI which I reviewed and tested with internal users. The final version is the one unified window which contains all the information user will need to start a collaboration session as opposed to having separate window for contacts, rooms, content, chat and etc.

To summarize the main things we improved are the following,

1. Simplified UX : You just select or drag a contact to a room to start a collaboration session.

2. Touch optimized UI : Sprout is a touch dual screen PC so the UI elements need to be touch friendly.

3. Interaction consistency : Interaction is consistent with other Sprout core applications to keep the Sprout environment holistically unified.

4. Simultaneous sharing and editing : Sprout create projects are shared in a way where anyone in the same collaboration session can move, delete and annotate simultaneously.

Design goes through many iterations and here is one. 

See Final MyRoom Design Specification


Persona & Scenario






Slide39 Slide40 Slide41

FlagMe Mobile App

I helped my coworker building his mobile application with design. I worked on UI/UX and visual design. I also created a set of colors and icons for him and his team to use.

Check out the prototype

Support and Help Experience for Sprout by HP


I worked closely with HP’s support team to create a set of tutorial videos for Sprout by HP in addition to the traditional help documents with long text and images. We also wanted to make these tips and tricks easily accessible to the end users within the Sprout Workspace.

Gallery – Help Container Wireframes

Last year I “modeled” my drawing skills for one of the Sprout by HP support videos. Check out my owl drawing.🙂

The shoot was done at Emotions studio in Sausalito, CA. I love the setup and lighting. They did a great job working with all the difficult technical setup, lighting and art direction.


Sprout by HP’s Out of Box Experience

See full workflow of HP Sprout OOBE (Out of Box Experience) 

HP Sprout with new technology required special customized steps in the Microsoft OOBE. I had to understand technical challenges including energy start rating requirements, Microsoft requirements and system requirements. Setup experience was enriched with animations, visual and audible feedback, welcome video and interactive tutorials which made a typical setup process feel very easy, fast and exciting.


DocBasket for iPad Concepts

DocBasket for iPad is a concept project which I worked with some colleagues. The idea is just like how geo-tagging is used to link your picture to a location so that when you can look at a map view of your album. In this case it would apply not only to pictures, but to any file type such as music, video, pdf, and more. We were exploring the idea that maybe local business could have their information along with some promotional material, coupons and more. User could set the search radius and depending on the parameter, user will be able to see what is nearby.

The next steps were to do some research as the use cases were endless. Unfortunately we never followed up…hopefully one day.🙂









Happy Holidays!

It is obvious that I love my cat. Kitty has such silly postures and funny expressions. Never thought a cat would be that expressive. Out of thousands of her pictures I only picked some to draw and create a pattern.

First, pencil sketches…

Second, I painted them with water color, which is one of my favorite media.

Lastly, I captured my water color painting with Sprout by HP and it automatically removed the white background. I had 7 individual cats which I later refined them using the background removal tool.

I flicked down one of the sample images from Gallery to use as the background. Then made more copies of the cat images and started arranging them on the mat. I flicked down another image from Gallery to write a note. Ta-dah!


Sprout Developer Center


In addition to the core applications for Sprout, I also worked on Sprout Developer Center where HP can promote a Sprout developer community by making the SDK available to developers to explore and create new apps for Sprout. Sprout Developer Center will host SDK events and forum, design guidelines and code samples.




Sprout by HP


(Images provided by Native Design)

This was literally on my first day of joining the team in May, 2013. We had a week long concept testing session. It was  helpful for me as a new hire to understand the project, how the team got to where they were and to test the hardware prototype with potential users. We worked with an external research agency to conduct the sessions. I was the note taker (pictured below ^^) As the project progressed we regularly had concept testing and design validation sessions every 6-8 weeks. 3Some issues we saw from these sessions were,

  • Customer is new to Windows 8
  • Unfamiliar and hidden gestures requires learning curve
  • Perception is…highly technological futuristic device
  • Unintended touch – the entire surface is an interactive area meaning anything that touches the mat is considered as touch input
  • Physically big and heavy


The strategy was that Sprout was not just a new breed of computer, but also a software platform. I created and constantly updated what we called the state diagram which illustrates the information architecture. The monitor part is for consumption and viewing experience. The touch mat is the main interactive area. Sprout also wanted to expose the SDK through Sprout Developer Portal which would allow developers to create Sprout applications. Then we would make them available in Sprout Marketplace.

Here are few design specifications. But video describes the product a lot better than wireframes.

Sprout Workspace Design Spec

Hardware LED Behavior

Sprout Marketplace


Since joining the team, after 1.5 year of crazy hectic fun working year, HP had a product launch on Oct. 29th, 2014. It had been a very special and awesome experience with such enthusiastic and smart people who were willing do spend extra hours.

I am also excited to see myself on Verge as one of the many photos of the launch event.😛


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