mWomen Design Challenge – Redefining the User Experience

User Experience and the Smartphone

The objective of The GSMA mWomen Design Challenge was to design a new Launcher for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and one widget concept that presents an accessible user interface and functionality to meet the needs of resource-poor women in developing markets.

Unlike mobile design competitions seeking novel app concepts to facilitate new tasks, this challenge seeks novel methods of navigation and graphical display of content and services to facilitate valuable, yet simpler tasks for women constrained with low reading and technical literacy.

Create a maximum six (6) unique screen graphics reflecting layout, style and navigation of key elements, including drawer with sample app icons, shortcuts, and system bar. The homescreen should allow a user with low technical literacy user to perform the following basic tasks:

  • Navigate to and open a pre-installed widget.
  • Manage the power consumption of a device.
  • Track phone minutes and data usage and expenditure for each.
  • Using the device’s built-in flashlight, assuming power light on the handset.
  • Share a phone with spouse or another other family member ensuring privacy through separate profiles.
  • Checking voice messages

Read Full Design Brief

Brainstorming with Sketches & Wireframes

Brainstorming sessions were held with the help of the following colleagues at HP, Yanna Vogiazou, Alessia Rullo, Paula Gamboa, Naroa Gonzalez, Miriam Llorens, Alicia Oyonarte, and Fina Parecerisa. Although the proposed designs could not be submitted due to HP legal procedures, it was a great opportunity to learn from the team.

Final Design 

The design concept is nature and serenity, which could appeal to feminine users who are new to smartphones and tech-savvy Android interface.

1. Lock Screen

Considering that the end users normally share a phone with their family members, a lock screen would be a profile selection. After clicking a user profile, the instruction will be narrated and voice recognition unlocks the device.

2. Home Screen

Once signed in to a specific profile, the profile picture is displayed in the main home screen for easy access to change users. Along with the profile widget, battery and voice message widgets are on the home screen. Phone battery life is represented by a flower. Charging the battery will show animated rain drop on the flower pot.

3. Voice Message Widget

Clicking the voice message widget will show a list of new voice messages. Clicking on the individual entry will connect to the voice message.


4. Phone Usage Widget

Prepaid phone plans are the most common, so it is important for them to check at a glance how much money is left. Clicking the widget will show a detailed usage per phone, sms and internet. After charging the phone, the jar with coins is automatically refreshed.








5. Flashlight Widget

A simply on/off switch controls the built-in flashlight of the device. Depending on the battery life, the light changes its intensity.



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