Online Ad Campaigns Management Software


I had a mini  design challenge project for Appnexus, a New York City-based company that provides a platform specializing in real-time online advertising.
I was briefed on the personas, scenario and the life-cycle of an online ad campaign. And my challenge was to create a tool that enables the users to manage projects easily.
The following persona and scenario is from the brief.

Persona: Jim Templeton, Campaign Manager
– Age : 25
– Education : B.S. in Marketing
– Work history : One prior full-time job at a search marketing firm
– Character traits : Detail oriented, methodical, relatively self motivated, somewhat engaged
– Works closely with : Director of Ad Operations, two junior campaign managers, one lead campaign manager, two account managers

– Meet and exceed advertiser expectations while maximizing network profits across multiple campaigns
– Make sure campaigns are serving and performing within budgets
– Identify high-performing parameters for re-use across campaigns

Needs :
– A tool that brings problems to his attention, and helps him solve them
– A tool that enables him to manage lots of campaigns successfully

Existing Workflow:
To track campaign health today, Jim manually enters all the campaign´s settings into a new spreadsheet that he will use throughout the campaign´s flight, including name/ID, daily/lifetime budget, start/end date, revenue type, and any other details that will help him identify and monitor the campaign. Each morning he pulls several reports in our interface to populate the date through the end of the day before. Eh uses the spreadsheet to compare how much was supposed to be delivered to-date with how much was actually delivered for each campaign he manages. When actual delivery is far off from the expected delivery, Jim goes to the UI to investigate and troubleshoot, then returns to the spreadsheet to find the next at-risk item. This time-consuming process continues throughout the day.

See Design Process and Wireframes

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