Sprout by HP



As the project progressed we regularly had concept testing and design validation sessions every 6-8 weeks. Some issues we saw from these sessions were,

  • Customer is new to Windows 8
  • Unfamiliar and hidden gestures requires learning curve
  • Perception is…highly technological futuristic device
  • Unintended touch – the entire surface is an interactive area meaning anything that touches the mat is considered as touch input
  • Physically big and heavy





Here are few design specifications. But video describes the product a lot better than wireframes.

Sprout Workspace Design Spec

Hardware LED Behavior

Sprout Marketplace

Since joining the team, after 1.5 year of crazy hectic fun working year, HP had a product launch on Oct. 29th, 2014. It had been a very special and awesome experience with such enthusiastic and smart people who were willing do spend extra hours.

I am also excited to see myself on Verge as one of the many photos of the launch event.


Some articles on Sprout…

Hand on with Sprout, HP’s keyboard and mouse killer




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