Support and Help Experience for Sprout by HP

Project Overview & Objective:

As Sprout by HP has increasing number of applications, it was necessary to provide tutorials, help and support. The goal was to create initial set of tutorial/help videos and users should be able to access them easily.

My Role & Contribution:

As a lead UX designer, I worked closely with HP Support team to come up with a list of tutorials we should create for Sprout by HP in addition to the traditional wordy help documentations.

We worked with Emotions studio in Sausalito, CA to create the videos. I “modeled” my drawing skills for one of the Sprout by HP support videos. Check out my owl drawing. 🙂

The next step was to figure out where and how to expose these tutorial videos. The traditional way was to have them uploaded them to some HP support site hidden in many levels of menu. As Sprout by HP provided a great viewing experience and content storage app, the idea was to make the Gallery extensible. A new container for Help was added to Gallery where user can access the help videos and other support materials.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Gallery – Help Container Wireframes



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