FlagMe for Android

Project Overview: Flagme allows users to collect and trade GPS locations with the push of a button. A Flag is the combination of a GPS location, a name, a description and a picture compiled into one easily accessible and shareable format. Flags are useful for getting directions to designated locations and are easy to share with friends so they can get there too.

Flagme is the ideal application for saving the locations of hidden gems that you’ve discovered.

Flagme features:
– Discover and save GPS locations
– GPS navigation to saved locations
– Share saved locations with friends

Flagme makes it easy to set up meetings and get togethers. You plant a flag and send it to your friend and then they have GPS navigation to your designated location with the push of a button. This is also your go to tool for remembering how to get back to your favorite places no matter where they are or how long it’s been since you’ve been there. It’s quick and easy to plant a flag on your location. This is the ultimate tool for mapping out your world.

Role & Contribution: I worked as UI/UX designer providing experience workflow, final mockups and visual guidelines. I followed the Material Design Guidelines for Android.


Check out the prototype


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