MyRoom – Real Time Collaboration App for Sprout

Overview & Objective:

 MyRoom is HP’s enterprise collaboration application. HP’s Immersive Computing Division worked with MyRoom team to create a collaboration application for Sprout users. The goal was to allow Sprout users to share, edit and collaborate projects easily.

With the usability & ergonomics specialist, we did some usability tests using the existing software and learned that there were too many buttons, too many windows and too many everything! I also looked at competitive products like Google Hangout, Go to Meeting, Skype, Lync and etc to understand the common basic features each product has so that our collaboration tool meets the standards of the market. I had different versions of the UI which I reviewed and tested with internal users. The final version is the one unified window which contains all the information user will need to start a collaboration session as opposed to having separate window for contacts, rooms, content, chat and etc.

To summarize the main things we improved are the following,

1. Simplified UX : You just select or drag a contact to a room to start a collaboration session.

2. Touch optimized UI : Sprout is a touch dual screen PC so the UI elements need to be touch friendly.

3. Interaction consistency : Interaction is consistent with other Sprout core applications to keep the Sprout environment holistically unified.

4. Simultaneous sharing and editing : Sprout create projects are shared in a way where anyone in the same collaboration session can move, delete and annotate simultaneously.

Design goes through many iterations and here is one. 

See Final MyRoom Design Specification


Persona & Scenario





Slide39 Slide40 Slide41


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